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Aroma Sense 9000 (AS-9000)

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Rejuvenate your tired body & mind with our Prestige & Luxury Aroma Sense shower head.
It helps you enjoy Aroma Spa and fine mist shower at your bathroom.

- Removes 98% chlorine from tap water.
- Adds 421,400 negative ions/cc.
- Adds Vitamin C equlvalent 3,000 lemons.
- Comes with Aroma-Vita C gel filter that lasts up to 6,000 liters.
- Anti-bacteria ceramic balls help to remove germs in water.
- Micro Fabric filter helps remove contaminants, rust and floating particles.
- Environment-friendly design uses 10~24% less water.
- Raise water pressure about 1.5times than normal shower head for Spa Massage efficacy.
- Easy to install & replace a filter.

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